Tether Launches Initiative to Boost Blockchain and Digital Asset Education in Taiwan

19 June, 2024 – Tether, the largest company in the cryptocurrency industry, announced today that it is teaming up with the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), also known as Taipei Tech to enhance blockchain and digital asset education in the region.  This initiative aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in cutting-edge technology, fostering a well-rounded understanding of blockchain technology, digital assets, Bitcoin and stablecoins.

The “Blockchain & Digital Asset” education program was first launched at the College of Management, National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), attracting more than 110 students. The course quickly became one of the most popular offerings in NTUT’s Information and Finance department. Inspired by this success, additional universities have agreed to collaborate with Tether to launch similar programs.

Through this collaboration, Tether will leverage its expertise in blockchain technology, digital assets, Bitcoin, and stablecoins to advance academic programs and research initiatives. These programs will build upon the successful course materials developed for NTUT, enhanced with support from industry experts assembled by Tether. The program is designed to prepare students for responsible and informed participation in this rapidly evolving field, encompassing the following key areas:

  1. Fundamental Knowledge of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies:
    • Provide comprehensive education on the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies from both technical and business perspectives.
  2. Critical Thinking Development:
    • Cultivate students’ critical thinking abilities, enabling them to independently analyze and assess the authenticity of various cryptocurrency information. This helps them identify scams and understand potential risks.
  3. Risk Awareness and Investment Principles:
    • Emphasize the high-risk and highly volatile speculative nature of cryptocurrencies. Promote rational and prudent investment principles to avoid encouraging speculative behavior.
  4. Legal and Regulatory Education:
    • Integrate content on laws and regulations, helping students understand regulatory policies and the importance of compliance in operations.
  5. Industry Insights and Career Prospects:
    • Invite industry professionals to campus to share developments in the sector and employment prospects. This provides students with firsthand industry perspectives and experiences.

“Tether’s education initiative aligns seamlessly with the visions of these universities to empower their students with the knowledge and technical skills to boost the adoption of digital assets in Taiwan,” said Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether. “By focusing on comprehensive knowledge, Tether aims to work hand-in-hand with these prestigious universities to empower the next generation of blockchain professionals in the region.”

Over the past two years, Tether and local organizations have sponsored over 30 students and professors to attend the prestigious Plan B summer school in Lugano. This year, Tether supported an additional 15 students and professors to participate in the Plan B Business School. These selected professors will leverage their newfound knowledge to create tailored course materials for  upcoming semesters

About Tether Edu

Tether Edu is a global education initiative dedicated to fostering accessibility of digital skills development while promoting self-development and self-realization. As Tether’s educational arm, Tether Edu is responsible for coordinating the various global education programs Tether supports. This platform will provide an innovative educational environment that identifies and implements the latest trends and expertise in specific digital industries.

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