our journey: from vision
to reality

At Tether, our story is one of innovation, resilience, and relentless pursuit of breaking barriers. Founded in 2014 by a team passionate about the transformative power of technology, Tether began as a simple yet revolutionary idea: to enable seamless arbitrage between crypto exchanges with USD₮, overcoming the banking system's inefficiencies. Our humble beginnings were rooted in the desire to leverage blockchain technology for a common settlement network, transcending traditional financial boundaries.

over the years

Tether has evolved beyond its original scope, responding to the world's changing needs with agility and vision. Our flagship product, USD₮, initially designed to streamline crypto trading, became a lifeline for millions during the pandemic. As economies struggled and traditional financial systems faltered, individuals in emerging and developing markets turned to USD₮. It became their tool for financial freedom, enabling access to a stable financial system, remittances, cross-border trade, and preservation of wealth against inflating national currencies.

our journey has also led us to explore and innovate in other critical areas such as Bitcoin mining, P2P communications, education, AI and human evolution.

With investments in sustainable energy, we're redefining Bitcoin mining practices, prioritising eco-friendliness and efficiency.

Through our support for Holepunch and Keet, we're championing decentralised communication, ensuring privacy, freedom, and independence from centralised tech giants.

Our efforts in AI infrastructure are aimed at democratising access to cutting-edge technologies, enabling groundbreaking applications and enhancing global problem-solving capabilities.

Venturing into the realm of human evolution, our investments in neurotechnology, underscore our commitment to merging minds and machines to unlock new dimensions of human potential, enhancing communication, creativity, and interaction with the digital world.

We're committed to democratising education, preparing individuals globally for the digital and gig economies.

As we reflect on our path, from pioneering the world’s most trusted stablecoin to championing financial and communicative autonomy, our story is far from complete. Inspired by the principle of individual sovereignty and fuelled by a deep belief in technology's potential, Tether is dedicated to fostering innovation that empowers people everywhere. We are not just building financial tools; we are shaping a future where everyone, regardless of geography or economic status, has the opportunity to thrive.

Join us as we continue to dare, innovate, and dream.

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USD₮, the world’s first successful stablecoin launches
USD₮ Market cap reaches $1+bn
USD₮ Market cap reaches $2+bn
USD₮ Market cap reaches $25+bn
XAU₮, a stablecoin backed by physical gold launches
Tether together with the City of Lugano launched Lugano's Plan ₿
Keet launches
Tether starts mining & acquiring Bitcoin
Investment in Northern Data, Volcano Energy, Academy of Digital Industry
Tether signs MOU with the Government of Georgia
Tether technology powers the Government of El Salvador's “Freedom Passport” program
USD₮ Market Cap reaches $100+bn
Pears.com open-source P2P stack launches
Tether signs MOU with the Government of Uzbekistan
Tether launches Tether Evo
Alloy by Tether launches

latest news

Philip Gradwell, Former Chief Economist at Chainalysis, Joins Tether as Head of Economics

15 July 2024 – Tether, the largest company in the digital assets industry, today announced the appointment of Philip Gradwell as Head of Economics where he will be responsible for quantifying the Tether economy and communicating the ways Tether is used, to regulators and stakeholders.  Philip brings more than six years of expertise in analyzing […]

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Tether Provides an Update on Prioritizing Community Preferences for Blockchain Support in Strategic Shift

At Tether, we remain dedicated to fostering a robust and innovative blockchain ecosystem for USD₮ and all other tokens we issue. This commitment drives us to continuously assess our transport layers, ensuring a balance between maintainability and usage while prioritizing community interest.  Community input is crucial in our decision-making process for deploying Tether tokens on […]

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Tether and Vietnam Blockchain Association Team Up to Drive Blockchain and AI Education in Vietnam

9 July 2024 —Tether Operations Limited, the largest company in the digital asset industry, today announced a strategic collaboration with the Vietnam Blockchain Association (VBA) to drive blockchain and digital assets education. This collaboration aims to educate public stakeholders on blockchain technologies through a series of conferences and workshops, fostering knowledge-sharing and capacity-building within the […]

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