Tether as a Tool for Financial Freedom

Technology is one of the most potent forces for change. It shapes our individual lives and how we communicate. It changes the preferences of nations and how countries protect themselves. It even moulds our culture and how people relate to each other.

Technology exerts incredible influence over our world. However, it is important to recognize that technology is inherently neutral and that human beings decide what it stands for and how we use it.

Einstein’s atomic insights can be used to supply humans with abundant, clean energy, or they can be used to build the most destructive weapons known to man. Technology is neutral, but the way we use it isn't.

So what do cryptocurrencies stand for, and how will we use them?

Promoting freedom around the world is one of the most important values and goals that cryptocurrencies can promote.

Enhancing global financial freedom for billions around the globe is a guiding pillar for Tether. It is a central value for the entire organization. It is also a foundational value for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the entire industry.

We believe that it is critically important to build financial tools that exhibit strong censorship resistance so that ordinary people have the ability to protect themselves against financial censorship and the mismanagement of national currencies.

And while many countries are struggling with financial oppression today, these tools must be built before they are needed. Western economies have benefited from the most stable and efficient financial system in the history of humankind over the last several decades.

Due to this, many people are skeptical of the need for tools like Bitcoin and USD₮. However, this is changing quickly as global financial infrastructure is being increasingly weaponized and inflation is at multi-decade highs.

When someone needs access to censorship-resistant money, they will be grateful that someone built and refined the technology over the last several years instead of waiting until there was a need for it.

For the citizens of many countries around the world, USD₮ is the most reliable way they can access US Dollar-denominated liquidity, and while tools like Bitcoin are essential for preserving value over long time horizons, many need and demand access to US Dollars as well.

USD₮ protects people all over the world against inflation in their local currencies, highly restrictive capital controls that prevent them from preserving their hard-earned wealth, and even the mere ability to transact overseas.

It’s no wonder the demand for USD₮ has grown so fast. USD₮ is one of the largest financial instruments in the world, and while there are many reasons for this growth-  access to censorship-resistant money is a key part of it.

It’s possible to directly observe how usage of USD₮ grows as countries pursue financial oppression, capital controls, and mismanage their currencies. Like clockwork, people seek out the best ways to protect their financial future, and Tether is proud to be a lifeline for anyone who needs to ensure their financial freedom.

While Tether is focused on financial freedom, that doesn’t mean that Tether doesn’t support well-constructed financial regulation. Tether has prevented hackers from utilizing stolen funds many times and collaborates with law enforcement regularly. Supporting financial freedom and preventing financial crimes can coexist, and Tether supports both of these goals.

While digital assets have grown exponential over the last decade, we are still in the early stages of the disruption of the global financial system. It is still up to all of us to determine how this technology is used. Will cryptocurrencies promote global financial freedom?

Will they empower billions of people to access financial resources historically denied to them? Will they provide a necessary counterbalance to government overreach?

Or will the technology be used to construct certain types of CBDC’s which make all of these problems worse?

The answer to this question depends on all of us, the digital asset community, to fight to ensure that cryptocurrencies enhance financial freedom for all people.

We know what future Tether is fighting for, and hopefully, now you do too.

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